FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):


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What are Spiked Cherries?


Spiked Cherries starts out with the best cherries grown by local USA farmers.  We then blend the cherries with the finest Alcohol brewed from Pure Cane Sugar. The choice is yours for how to consume  Spiked Cherries.   You can enjoy eating the cherries straight from the jar or add them to your favorite cocktail or bake with them or use them to top off an indulgent treat such as an ice cream sundae.  Rest assured, you have the best possible blend of spirits and cherries. 

How Many Calories, Nutritional Panel?

How popular is Brandied Fruit?


So popular it has its own day...“National BRANDIED FRUIT Day – October 20”

How much Alcohol is in Spiked Cherries?

Depending on what state you live in we offer two versions, 5.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV%) of 10% Alcohol By Volume (ABV%).

Should I refrigerate Spiked Cherries?

Not a bad idea. Place the jar into the refrigerator after opening.... so you'll instantly be inspired to have some Spiked Cherries every time you open the fridge.  Spiked Cherries are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration prior to opening.

What if I have a recipe idea?


Share it with your friends.  Share it with us at info@howiesspiked.com. We'll post your favorite recipe with our social media so that everyone can enjoy it.

Are Spiked Cherries Gluten-Free?


What is a Colossal Cherry?

A colossal cherry is a hand-picked cherry that measures 24 mm or bigger...only the biggest and best will do.

Where do you get your Cherries:
All of our Cherries are grown and handpicked in the USA.